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This is an experiment, but if it proves interesting I will try to develop it and make it a regular feature. I have chosen some harmonica solos out of my collection and prepared very short extracts. You can download and hear them by clicking on the appropriate link. I decided to use .wav files for the first one but things have moved on and I have used longer mp3 files for the second one as these can now be played by most computers with sound cards.

As download speeds have increase I have the size of the classical selections to give a better feel for the performance and the music. Most of the files should download in less than a minute, even on a phone line connection. Once downloaded, you can replay the clips as many times as you need. I decided against streamimg video to ensure that the quality was not impaired by variations in download speed.

There is no prize and it is self assessment. Listen to the audio clips and when you are satisfied with your choices, submit the completed form as described. You will then see a new page in your browser which you can read or print out. It will display both your choices and the identities of the real artists and the music played. Have a listen to the music even if you don't think you can identify anyone. There is quite a range and you might find something you like, but were unaware of. Make sure you type a letter into one of the boxes to ensure the the system accepts your answer, and you will see who the players were.

Here are the collections you can try at the moment. Click on the subject to open the page. Once you have completed a competition and seen the results, use you browser back button to return to this page.

Please email us if you have not found what you want to know about harmonicas in this web site.

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