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The NHL is the main harmonica enthusiasts club for the United Kingdom, and is independent of any manufacturer. Its aim is the presentation and advancement of the harmonica.

First, it caters for all people with an interest in the harmonica, ranging from non-players to virtuoso professionals, regardless of race, creed, or colour, and regardless of tastes in music. This is done by publishing news regularly, and by organizing social and other events; also by publishing names and addresses to facilitate informal meetings between members.

Secondly, it promotes the harmonica so more people will be inspired to play, and so that an increasing number of players will reach recognized standards of musical attainment. This is done by demonstration, education, and by organizing competitions.

Thirdly, it recognises the changing interests of the harmonica community, and while it must clearly cater for the paying membership, it also takes initiatives to bring in new members with interests that are representative of the harmonica community at large.

Fourthly, it takes an initiative to encourage young people to play the harmonica, in order to assure the future existence of a thriving club.

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