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The NHLNet Mailing List

Mailing lists provide an easy way for a group of people with common interests to communicate simply about various topics via email. They are restricted to a fixed list of "subscribers". Only these people can take part in the discussions.

NHLNet is aimed at members of the NHL and other people interested in what is going on mainly in the UK and Europe. It is not a substitute for the main harmonica mailing list HARP-L, see below, and will probably have a lot less traffic. To take part you have to subscribe. No money is involved. This is means that you have applied to join and been accepted. When you want to leave you simply unsubscribe. If you want to restrict the number of emails you receive you can switch to a Digest option where you receive one email a day which contains all the individual emails circulated during that day.

The list will allow any harmonica related topics of interest to the NHL to be discussed. It could be used to announce or organise local and national events which were missed or not yet published by the magazine, important NHL news, or to ask for help in finding resources etc. I will also announce any major updates to the web site.

No abusive emails will be tolerated. A full FAQ will be written to give more information about how to use the list, which will cover etiquette and general information

You can start and modify your subscription online at or by using this icon

Subscribe to NHLNet
Add email and click to subscribe to NHLNet

Alternatively you can manage your subscription by using email. Send an email with no subject to the appropriate address. Do this from your normal email address as it will not accept subsequent emails sent by you from a different address. If you need to change your email address, unsubscribe and resubscribe.

To Subscribe or Join send an email with your reason for joining to :
To Unsubscribe or Leave send a blank email to :
To change from Single Emails to Digest send a blank email to :
To change from Digest to Single Emails send a blank email to :

HARP-L Mailing List

This is the home of Harp-L is the world wide electronic mailing list for harmonipaths. A very long established forum for harmonica players the world over to discuss, argue and wax lyrical about the world's most portable and fun instrument. As could be expected it has a lot of email traffic every day, and it has some well know contributors. It is not linked it any way to the NHL, although some NHL members participate in its discussions.

To subscribe to the harp-l mailing list, send the command subscribe harp-l as the first and only line of a message to If you would rather receive a digestified version of the list, use the command subscribe harp-l-digest. NOTE: Do NOT append your email address to the subscribe command!

You can find the archives of harp-l to date at:

HARP-L is a large, long established world wide mailing list, and here are some old statistics. Since Jan 1st this year (1996), the harp-l servers have processed over 30 gigabytes of information (total data passing through's link to the "rest of the world"). They have delivered over 13 million messages, and resolved over 35 million DNS queries. They have served over 200,000 web pages to over 17,000 distinct hosts, with a current average of around 4,000 "hits" per day.

There is a new (experimental) interface onto harp-l and the web archives, for which you need to sign up for an account. To sign up, go here.


"HarpTalk" was started in July 1998, and is sponsored by Coast to Coast Music. The purpose of the list is to discuss harmonicas, harmonica playing, and harmonica related equipment, as well as to share tips, techniques, and experiences.

To join, read the list messages on the web and to search the archive go to:

Alternatively, subscribe by sending an email to with no subject or message.

SlideMeister Mailing List

Started in 2000 as an email discussion group for chromatic, bass, and chord harmonica players, it is now an Online web forum.

a social networking forum for harmonica players of all skill levels. The site is dedicated to providing rich social tools for connecting with other harmonica players from all over the world and promotes harmonica-related events, products, discussions, and most importantly, strong friendships.

German language group

bluegrass harmonica focus - UseNet
Google has a mirrored group of this site plus you can access it with a news reader or usenet

Harmonica Players Webring List

This mailing list was started in 1999 and is associated with the Harmonica Players Webring. It is low volume and intended for owners of web sites in the webring.

To subscribe send an email to with no subject or message, or visit the home page of the web ring ,

Please email us if you have not found what you want to know about harmonicas in this web site.

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