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    These resources are ones we are aware of and think may be of use to our members and visitors to the web site. There may be better ones and we will be looking to update them as we get more input from users and members. We will also solicit suggestions through the NHL magazine Harmonica World.

    • If you are looking for information on teachers or lessons click here.

    • Historical and Stylistic Reviews of Harmonica Music and Artists

      • Harmonica Jazz, an illustrated review of its development and players.

    • Sources of Harmonica Tuition, History and Musics.

      • Gift ideas - Here are some suggested books, CDs and DVDs which will make great gifts for the harmonica fan. Maybe you should leave this page open where your partner and children can see it....

      • History and Harmonica Players - Books, DVDs, CDs

      • Harmonica Tuition - Books, Tapes, CDs, and DVDs

      • Harmonica Music - CDs and DVDs

      • Harmonica tuition books and music from Amazon
        - Search Amazon here

    Bookmark and revisit for the latest details of these artists and other events.

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