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Blues Saturdays are organised with volunteers who would like one in their local area..

If you would like to organise one then please contact:
The National Harmonica League -

For more information on these events see the web page from last Blue Saturday at The Red Lion, Shirley, Solihull, B903AX, UK, 9am - 11m, June 14th, 2014.

Remember also that blues workshops are a part of our festivals.


Blue Saturday was a day of blues harp madness put on by the National Harmonica League as part of a new programme of initiatives to attract and serve the needs of blues harp lovers and teachers. It consists of a day of blues tuition for all abilities, followed by an evening where everyone can play something with a live band. There are usually other teachers who are interested in learning how to lead these sessions.

When we were a smaller organisation, all events were run by the committee with some help from the members. As the membership has continued to grow, the small committee can no longer give up the time and members have been encouraged to band together and put on events locally.

If you are interested in running or helping to run Blue Saturdays in other parts of Britain, please contact us.

This is Jeff Winters playing with the band in The Compass pub after taking part in the Blue Saturday Feb 26th 2000.

Members and non members of the NHL can take part.

From the time of registration, at 10:am in the morning to 11:00pm when the blues party winds up, it will be an all blues programme.


The dates are given in the diary of events.


Check the diary page for up-to-date information.

Do I have to be any good at the blues harp to get anything out of BLUE SATURDAY?

No. Blues Harp enthusiasts of all levels of ability are welcome. The tuition is styled to suit all levels of ability and as for the evening jam, well if you like blues and blues harps you're bound to have fun.

Can I learn how to teach blues harmonica at a BLUE SATURDAY?

Yes. We are developing documentation and support to enable would-be teachers to gain experience and eventually learn how to run a Blue Saturday event with our support, in their region. Contact us if you want to run one in your area.

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